Marcella Riani

The arts appear on the drawing board, using paper, scissors, pencil, pen, ink. A natural action, made since childhood. They are compositions of shapes and colors. Fragments of the landscape. There is overlap and history. For her architectural background, Marcella Riani has always yearned to take small-scale drawings on paper to the urban scale. Thus began his walk as a muralist in 2012. Since then his work developed and was taking care of several different surfaces, explored the printing and movement of fabrics, the porcelain and its brightness, the transparency of glass. Today Marcella divides her life between São Paulo and Jericoacoara, between nature and the city, lives both lives intensely, this is reflected in her art. “Time honors water and nature, time city and gray. Sometimes they talk and sometimes they don't touch. They are free to just be compositions of shapes and colors. ” He has partnered with different brands such as Arezzo, Shoulder, Alcaçus and YouTube, Scenographies at events such as São Paulo Fashion Week and SESC. He has his works in art galleries in São Paulo, Salvador and Fortaleza. Its abstract and uncompromising forms with reality create playful compositions providing the viewer with an experience of freedom of interpretation of the work. “Design can live on infinite surfaces, it is an ocean of possibilities. It gains varied shapes and movements depending on its function. It can be on fabrics, walls, porcelain screens or any other palpable surface. It is mutant, like skin adjusting to a new body. It dances, runs, moves or stays static, depending on your application. Regardless of the surface, it remains a drawing and my job is to draw. ”

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